Break away from what everyone else is doing. Fresh style. Original content with heart & soul.
Break away from what everyone else is doing. Fresh style. Original content with heart & soul.

How can this blog help you communicate better about your career?

We communicate about our careers all the time. And we don't realize how many opportunties we have to truly say something interesting about ourselves and our jobs.


For some time I’ve noticed a less-than-awesome pattern: too many amazing people -  with so many talents, great training, great experience and wonderful things to offer - often find it hard to communicate in an interesting and intriguing way.  When these cool people communicate with others, they give two or three word answers that could put someone to sleep. There's no personal connection, no boldness, no intrigue or 'hook' in the way they describe themselves.


And in their written communication, these same talented and cool people are using resumes, cover letters and creating social media profiles that don’t do them justice. Or worse yet, that are actually blocking them from getting the great jobs and rewards that they deserve.


One of the first questions people ask you is 'what do you do?' So, do you have something interesting to say and a story to tell? Do you find it easy to tell people about what you do professionally? Or what your future career plans are?


And what about when you have to write about your career, either formally or informally? Like when you need to apply for a job (writing a resume / CV / cover letter) or promote yourself or your creative work online (on a social media platform, or putting together a LinkedIn business profile)?


Do you find that you're sometimes unsure about what to write, what style to use, how to make yourself sound confident and serious, yet not braggy or fake?


There are ways for you to do this: communicating clearly and effectively about your career achievements in writing or telling someone about what you do. And doing it in ways that sounds natural and authentic for you.


If you're searching for down-to-earth talk and practical ideas that get great results in the real world, then join us.


Very simply, I want to introduce you to some practical solutions and address some of the common issues that often come up with my clients: things that you probably have wondered about yourself.


So I created a blog site for you to go along with my Real Texts for Real People Career Writing Services.


You don't have to be stuck doing what people did in the past, or copy what everyone else is doing.


I want to show you alternatives, new and fun options that can be used in today's business world and get you thinking about how you can break yourself out of the box. 


I want to share some related areas that I don’t normally have time to talk about with clients. Here I’m referring to the “why’s” and “why nots”, the analysis, background rationale or philosophies that lie behind preferred solutions.


I want to help you write better about your career achievements and promoting yourself on the job market.

I love helping people move their dreams forward and live their careers with passion. Life is too short to be stuck working somewhere you hate. We’re not here to do mediocre work that just gets us by. We’re here to put our talents to best use and be happier when we get up in the morning.


So when you feel it's time to make a new, different and exciting move forward with your career, you'll need to take some steps that involve writing: applying for new positions (if you're an employee) or applying for new projects (if you're a freelancer). You'll need to communicate clearly to others in writing about who you are, what special things you offer and how you imagine you would fit into a new target organization or project team.


I hope I can help you out here. This is my field of expertise, I love helping people and I'm a positive person who walks the talk. I enjoy watching people move forward with confidence. And I'm always happy they reached out to me for some feedback.


So, if you feel yourself wanting to move into that direction – or better yet, you’re already in your groove and you want to continue your amazing career ride…then hop on board.


Read more about me, how the blog can help you and what's coming up!


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